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Home builder or property manager? Realtor or restauranteur? No matter what your profession or business is, if it involves a building, it’s a target for pests. Abatol Al’s has worked with small business owners for nearly 60 years to provide safe facilities and real estate to customers all over Calcasieu Parish and beyond. We enjoy bringing our professionalism together with other contractors to make a product or service both parties can be proud of.

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Home builders

It is required by Louisiana and Texas building codes that a builder must provide the owner of a structure with a termite pretreatment during construction. At Abatol Al’s we have pretreated hundreds of homes in the Lake area and even more throughout Southeast Louisiana and Texas. We are expedient and efficient, having brought termite pretreatment down to a science through decades of work. Call us today and enjoy the simple and effective service we offer at highly competitive rates period.

Real Estate

Selling property can be a hassle, especially when it’s ridden with pests. Some professionals can be confusing and expensive. At Abatol Al’s, we believe in keeping things simple. We offer pest control and carpet cleaning to ensure the property is picture perfect and will stand the test of time. Need termite inspection? No problem. Call or message us today and speak with a pro.

Property Management

Landlord or leasing office? We offer isolated treatments and scheduled maintenance services. Abatol Al’s will work with tenants to bring their pest issues under control so you can focus on running your business. We also provide carpet cleaning and restoration services. Call us today.

Hospitality, Retail & Restaurants

High traffic areas like stores, motels and restaurants attract more than just customers. Pests looking for a foothold in your establishment for easy access to shelter and a meal can be lethal for your business. Don’t let unwanted visitors set up shop. Call the experts at Abatol Al’s for discreet and effective services that keep rodents and bugs on their heels.