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Abatol Al’s offers general pest control services to customers wanting to enjoy a bug free home at minimal cost. Using the newest methods and knowledge passed down over generations, we provide a highly rated service that stops pests in their tracks. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly plans at prices that are hard to pass up.

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Rats and mice are a serious nuisance and are intolerable in your home or business. These small mammals are masters of infiltration and are driven by their instinctual drive to feed and breed. Tough, clever, and capable of learning from past experiences, rodents can be a nightmare for home or business owners. Luckily, our experts at Abatol Al’s will systematically eliminate and exclude rodents from your home. Call us today or shoot us a message for a free estimate.


Some pests require a more careful and intricate approach. Rest assured Abatol Al’s has both the tools and the experience required to handle the tough jobs, no matter how fearsome and persistent they may be. On all specialty services, we work closely with all parties involved to ensure maximum success. Follow-up services may be required to bring bad infestations under control.


Fleas are a common pest typically spread by pets or wild animals. They can be terribly difficult to control, and reintroduced infestations are usually the result of do-it-yourself methods or home remedies. Such treatments are incomplete or poorly applicated and can result in a highly resistant flea population. Don’t make matters worse. Call Abatol Al’s today for a free estimate on fleas and have someone come out as early as the next day.

Bed Bugs

Undoubtedly the most terrifying of all blood sucking pests is the infamous bed bug, the six-legged stalker that preys on you when you are at your most vulnerable moment; when you are asleep. Bed bugs will travel between 20 and 30 feet for a meal and release nasty toxins through a painful bite. Disc shaped and cautious, and multiple life cycles practically invisible to the naked eye, they are masters of stealth and can be illusive to the untrained eye. You should NEVER seek to eradicate a bed bug problem on your own. Call a professional at Abatol Al’s and rest easy with our warranty backed bed bug removal program.


Southwest Louisiana’s mosquito problem isn’t news. Neither is a mosquito’s ability to carry harmful diseases such as Zika and West Nile virus. Why take the chance when Abatol Al’s can cut your mosquito population to shreds with carefully researched methods at affordable rates? Take back your backyard this spring, summer and fall with professional and quick drying mosquito control.

German Cockroaches

Noticing very small roaches scurrying about the kitchen and bathrooms? Chances are you have a German cockroach infestation. Where there’s one, there’s always at least four more hidden away. These small, highly resilient insects will eat anything from residue on dirty dishes to the glue holding together the laminate on counter tops. They fester and breed quickly, thriving anywhere there is an abundance of food waste and warm pockets to harbor in. At Abatol Al’s, we are experts in shutting down German cockroaches. We have a plethora of methods up our sleeve and we select the best treatment plan to best serve you. Call today for a free consultation.