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Abatol Al’s Pest Control prides itself in giving optimum service and the utmost experience in the termite field. We have been treating termites in the Lake Area for nearly 50 years, and we look forward to providing you with our guaranteed treatment of wood destroying insects.

There are generally two types of termites we face in S.W. Louisiana: Native Subterranean Termites and Formosan Subterranean Termites. There has however, been an increase in the number of Drywood Termites found in the Lake Charles area.

A house on piers is usually very easy to treat for termites. In order to gain access to the house, termites must use the piers or anything else connecting the ground to the house. Once these are treated thoroughly and carefully by us, termites cannot access the building. Here are a few factors that can lead to the infestation of a raised house:

  • Support Piers (As mentioned above)
  • Wood to Ground Contact- Is a condition conducive to infestation and should be avoided where ever possible.
  • Debris – Scrap or buried wood, trash, bottles, etc. can lead to infestation by creating conducive conditions. Abatol will NEVER leave ANY accessible space untreated, but it is important to consult with inspectors about any questionable areas no matter what company you choose.
  • Pipes and utilities – Termites can travel using electric conduits, pipes, sewage lines; anything connecting to the ground and the house. These places need to be properly treated.
  • Porches and Additions – Often property owners wish to improve the value and functionality of their property by making additions. Be sure to also protect your investment by consulting us so we can determine the best treatment method to keep the continuous chemical barrier around the structure and reduce termite pressure on the property.

2) Slab Treatment

Obviously, termites cannot eat through solid concrete. They do, however, travel underneath a slab constantly foraging until they find an entry point; this could be plumbing or other slab penetrations leading into a house. If you are in need of a slab treatment for preconstruction or on a existing structure, we offer the best work at the best price. We have been doing so for almost 50 years in the Lake Charles area, as well as the rest of Calcasieu Parish and Louisiana .